Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days

April 16 – July 24, 2018

Healthy Berkeley and The Wellness Center @ Berkeley Medical Center/WVU Medicine University Healthcare are teaming up to bring you Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days®.

Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days® is a self-directed program designed to get you in the habit of being active every day.

This program puts you in charge-you decide when and where you want to get active. You can also substitute other forms of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. Meaning any activity that gets your heart rate elevated.

20 minutes of aerobic activity=1 mile.

If you are new to exercise, check with your doctor to make sure it is sate tor you to begin walking or exercising.

Participants record miles walked and turn in the log form at the end of the program. Record at least 100 miles and turn in log form at the end of the program for a certificate and be eligible for the random prize drawing. To sign up, fill out the registration form. Track your miles on the log form and turn in at the end of the program. Its’ as simple as that! Sign up deadline for the program is April 13, 2018.


Contact Dana DeJarnett @ 304-264-1287, ext 31814

Forms can a/so be picked up at The Wellness Center @ Berkeley Medical Center.

Sign up deadline is April 13, 2018.

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If you prefer, you can download a paper form by clicking here.

Download the Tracking form:

Please complete logs forms and turn in by August 1st.

walm 100 log form

Get Your Office Moving!

Want to get your co workers moving and feeling good? Great! Download the toolkit file below for tips and suggestions to help you set up a Walk 100 program at your workplace.

walk 100 office toolkit